Managed Healthcare as a Service innovation platform. Helping the best in healthcare Be Better and efficiently reach more patients with high quality care.

Making Quality-Based Healthcare more Accessible

Health in Motion creates a new front door to access better health. Remarkable change in healthcare is possible by connecting the disconnected and serving the medically underserved. The network brings patients, clinicians, pharmacists, and their data and benefits together with one connected system of healthcare delivery and management.

Employers will provide care based on outcomes, unlike traditional payment driven models. We use revolutionary delivery and management systems to help keep employee populations healthy and address chronic conditions continuously – before they become a problem.

We leverage best-in-class technology to unlock access and expand care management.

Establishing the new front door to healthcare in the community

Revolutionizing Primary Health delivery, strengthening localized care and innovative enhancements for the patient-clinician relationship.

Providing the innovation platform that enables growth and performance to succeed in direct-to-employer healthcare delivery.

Promote the Value of Pharmacists in Primary Health Management

Revolutionizing Pharmacy Care, aggregating the power of community pharmacy. We believe expanding the role of a pharmacist for care management is an important factor in lowering overall medication related costs.

We focus on providing the innovation platform that enables growth and performance to deliver on a new pharmacy benefit design.

We believe everyone deserves quality health care that is both affordable and accessible.

A picture of a green stethoscope.

Our Guiding Principles

Advocate for the patient.

We are an ally to the clinicians, industry leaders, innovators, policymakers, and others who assist us in efficiently creating access to quality patient care.

A relentless pursuit.

We relentless pursue partnerships that insure our work is high impact, local, personalized, and sustainable.

Innovate to remove barriers.

We are a direct-to-employer health innovator working to change systems, technologies, contracts, policies, and whatever else is in the way of better health care.

Invest in leadership.

We are committed to continuing to build a leadership team that will enable us to perform these goals and reach long-term objectives.